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Summer Show Planning 2019

DEADLINE - Wednesday 29 May - 10.00 UK time at the latest!

Add your name below and write:

  • a brief description of what you are hoping to show in the exhibition
  • list any equipment that you think you will need

(remember to be flexible with you ideas and requirements, everyone will need to adapt when we start planning the space)

On Wednesday 29 May at 10.00 UK time, a small group of students will look at this list and the space and suggest a draft proposal for who goes where. Everyone can then discuss the plans.

There are 19 of you in total graduating this year.

Add name and show details here:

Justin-Lee Vervin

Sound installation. A darkened silent boxed room with good reverberation and large enough to fit an average sized person inside. Speakers and amplifier. Power supply and extension lead. A plinth.

Janet Waring Rago A continuous wall for hanging 9 paintings (each 125x125cm approx) in oil on aluminium. A monitor/screen for each of the paintings. An HD projector with plinth suitable for a projection mapping. A table large enough for additional items to include depliant and portfolio of some smaller works on paper.

Ben Sullivan Decent wall space for one large print, 1m square or maybe slightly larger, MDF mounted and floating slightly off the wall. Preferably well lit, but I can adjust things if not available. Two plinths spaced well away from the wall, one plinth taller than the other if possible, to include screen and book. Easy access to plug socket needed for screen. Possibly additional wall and floor covering tbc, can be adjusted as required.

Robin Weijers Two interactive installations, including one with video projection onto the moving installation, and two HD monitors, one of them is large (42 inch) which I will bring along. During exhibition time I will be around for performative artwork as well. Please see for the moment my work in progress and more details at Technical details:

Tracing back though the Maelstrom. Installation, a bit moving, size about 1.5 x 0.8 x 1.5 m, has a projector built in and needs to beam its moving light video to a wall, preferably in darker space.
If this will not work out, I might use the manual interactive installation It Is Your Turn instead. Size about 1.0 x 2.0 x 2.0 m, no electricity needed.
The Sound of Indifference III, consists of 5 till 7 boxes/standards which will work on sound and with filled cans moving producing sounds. The set is flexible and needs to be placed around.
Cables will have to be safely secured and taped. I need at least 3 power sockets for the installations and the large monitor. I will work with low voltage circuits for health and safety issues.
For the performative action I will use a carton board flooring, size adjustable to circumstances.

Anfal Al-Kandari wall space to mount on different layers of A4 & A3 prints not less than 20/30 prints can do more even up to 100 or 200 (to be decided during the installation according to the space avilable) those prints will be printed at the printing services available at the library.Projector and maybe a stand for it to be projected on the wall on top of the printed art works. The projector will be used to project multiple colorful short videos were a dark room would be preferred yet with some dim light where the prints can be visible as well.

Ziyan Yang 6*6cm flat objects put in corners, corridors, on walls, windows or doors.

Paola Pinna Installation with sand, reflective film, prints, a screen for animation and potentially a VR set. I would like to have a good floor space in a corner with two walls, Ideally I need around 3meters x 3 meters space as I would like to build a sort of oasis. Here the visual idea :

Kehkashan Khalid Video montage projected on translucent fabric. Will require a projector and a not-too-well-lit space. Ideally, I would like it to hang the fabric in a place where people can walk all around it. 49, 10X10cm squares of resin paintings presented on a flat surface that people can interact with like a puzzle or remove pieces from. A 70X70cm table/ lightbox [if it can be built in time] would be fine. Lighting will need to be better if the lightbox is not made so that the pieces can glimmer properly.

Eugenia Kas Floor installation with 14-20 iPhones laying down in a circular shape. I want my piece to be somewhere in the centre, so people can approach it from all sides. 14 iPhones would take around 75 cm of the space. 20 would take around 100 cm. If there's not enough space for 20 iPhones, I'm fine with displaying 14. Here is an example -

Arlette 3xtiny tables, 3x A4 books OR 1 big table with 3 books 3xchairs or 2xchairs 1 painted room divider (roughly 2mx2m) Preferably next to a wall although not absolutely necessary

Gabriella Martinez Four A0 Prints, preferably in a corner! 2 on each side (just under 2 metres of wall from the corner) Wooden shelf in-between them, two sound domes hanging from ceiling falling infront of the two separate photographic series, A photobook might be displayed on the shelf Example of draw out here -

Vanessa Gould

Series of canvas 3 to 5 (80x85cm). Possible A0. Possible single screen animation

Alena Kroshechkina Planning to create and show an A4 Magazine and install 2 A1 physical artworks. One work would be put on a wall, another one - standing on an easel (perfectly on the metallic one). The magazine would be stand on a round/square journal table, near to the table would be stay a soft chair.

Chui Yin Wong Iris -Video with multi-screens with different size + projector on the wall (see if how many screens/ the projector available) (it's flexible) -Interactive installation: need an iMac/iMac pro. I will install a frame with light bulbs on the computer. It can be placed on a table/plinth and with a chair. So people can sit can interactive with it. -A plinth to display a book

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