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wikis are by there nature never complete - this site is used to manage useful information for the MA Fine Art Digital course at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

Since 2004 we have used a wiki as an open platform for organising this course. Sadly the previous wiki provider closed down in July 2018. We now run this new wiki platform, using on our own server.

A few important and useful links

Really useful stuff here

Post-Grad Community is an environment which provides access to cross-college and cross-disciplinary opportunities, events and networking for postgraduate taught and research students at UAL.

Make sure you at least sign up for their weekly email:

Tuesday 5 October 2021 – 12.00 - 13.00 UK time

Welcome talk online:

Lots of useful online resources and online sessions you can sign up for:

Quick link to the library:

Alternative Guide to PostGrad Funding:

Students Union:

Shades of Noir was created in 2009 by Aisha Richards to inform teaching and learning within art, design and communication. Shades of Noir is now formally part of UAL's Centre for Race and Practice-Based Social Justice.

interesting online talk:

Artistic Purpose and Value in the Digital Age

Friday 1 October 16.00 UK time

Dr Zoé Whitley as she discusses the notion of artistic purpose and value in the digital age with artist Baff Akoto.

Climate Emergency Interactive

Rome scholarship opportunity

This competition is open to artists who live, work or study in the UK and who are aged 35 years or under. The Scholarship is for the month of September 2022

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