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pop-up show

Tuesday 11 December 2018

A 'pop-up' show is something that appears very quickly and then disappears even quicker! We regularly do small exhibitions like this as they are useful to have a deadline to show work and to test ideas and get feedback.

This pop-up show is even more pop-up!! (check the set up schedule below)

Venue: Room A220 and the corridor outside at the Peckham Road building of Camberwell College.

Set up:

  • meet in our studio 12.00 - Tuesday 11 December
  • clear room A220 and move stuff from studio to the show space
  • 16.30 show opens
  • 19.00 show closes
  • Wednesday 12 December 10.00 - take work down and replace furniture in room A220

It is really important that we set up on the Tuesday AND take down work on the Wednesday. Please think carefully about what work you can include and if you are a London based student be there for both days.

This schedule is tight but the MA Printmaking and MA Book Arts students will have a pop-up show in their studio on the floor above at the same time. Also our room A220 is next to the 'Senior Common Room' which has a small bar and there will be a Christmas drinks event for staff at the same time, so we can use the bar for drinks and there will be more people around.

A deadline is always good for getting work done, even if it is testing ideas or showing 'work-in-progress'.

We can give it a name and make some posters, share on social media and invite friends.

For online students you can send files and we can show work on screens in the space.

We have several people who have offered to coordinate, Betty from 1st year and Gabby and Arlette from 2nd year.

Please put your name below and what you would like to show - the room is small but we will be able to use the corridor outside for wall based work. For online students we will have lots of screens to show work on

Name and what you hope to show:

Robin Weijers - '3600 degrees' HD Movie 1920 x 1080, 25p with sound, 2:49 min. Digital video meant to be exhibited as expanded projection, but shown on screen is great as well. Please play with it as it suits you.

Label: Robin Weijers, 3600 degrees, 2018, HD video with sound, 2:49 min.

Alexis Rago “Mythopoeia I: post-truth-hurtling. Video with sound, 5:17 min.

… If possible with own screen and headphones because the audio may/will need independent volume adjustment, also so as not to disturb other exhibits. Many Thanks!

Kat 2nd year- sculptures- need a table or plinth

Danielle Jacques Small plinth to display video on iPad with audio. I will provide plinth and can also provide the iPad and headphones. Need access to a socket. Headphones with adjustable volume would be useful. Six A3 digital prints in black frames. Work is best displayed in low light due to its reflective nature.

Pav Szymanski Projection screen and earphones please.

                             Pav Szymanski
                             Why Are You Coming Back So Soon? 
                             Video Installation 4'46"

Gabriella Martinez 3 A3 framed ink drawings

Arlette 1x mini cardboard table 2x cardboard stools, objects on the table (3 booklets, 2/3 ceramic bowls)

Alena 1 50×40 cm oil painting Label: Alena Kroshechkina,”My parents are models for Y-3 Winter 2018 Collection“ (2018), Oil on canvas

Betty 1 x Plinth to hold object (43x 30 x 27cm), 1x plinth/or other to hold small projector & laptop

Janet Waring Rago Video with sound, duration 2'30” .mov 1920 x 1080 30P. Screen and earphones.

Label: Janet Waring Rago, 'Fabric of Common Descent', 2018, HD Video with Audio, duration 2'30“.

Paola Pinna : 3D Video animation with sound, duration to be confirmed but will be no more than 1 minute. 1280 x 720 px. for label : Paola Pinna - LOVE, 3D animation, 2018.

Kehkashan Khalid: Digital painting to be shown on screen.

Label: “The truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the truth.” -Rumi 16×12 Inch Digital Painting by Kehkashan Khalid

Justin-Lee HD Video with audio '52 seconds, untitled, 2018, 1920 × 1080'

Friederike Sophie Hoberg: Video length: 2minutes and 39 seconds with sound, headphones required. Label: Friederike Sophie Hoberg, title: “Virtual particles - yes or no ? A translation of water.”, video, 2018

Lyu Wen : 'Eating Drawing', Live Performance, 2018

Matt Fratson - 20-second animation - please set playback to loop. mp4 format, no audio. Original size is 1280×720 - I do not mind whether this is presented via projection or on a screen/tablet or other device - whatever is most convenient!

Label: Matt Fratson, 'Gradual Change Over Time', 2018. Gelatin Prints.

Axash - a B5 framed sculpted painting

Label: Axash, 'Roaring Sea', 2018. Crystal Sheet.

Michelle Wright Video - Duration 1'30” with sound - Screen and Headphones required.

Label: Michelle Wright, What Lies Beneath, 2018, Video with Sound.

Taiyo Huang -1 x A1( 84 x 59.2cm) size painting, Plinth to put laser reflective film . 2 x video with sound, no more than 2 minutes, 1920 x1080 30p. Screen and earphones ( not necessary but if possible would prefer presented by projection)

label : 1. Taiyo Huang 'jumping' 2018, acrylic painting with material 2.Taiyo Huang 'breathe' 2018, video with Audio, duration

Jingxian Yang - Text #1

Label: Jingxian Yang, Text #1, 2018, 4 videos, 9“, 9”, 11“, 10”

Vanessa Gould: small painting

Label: ‘Dreamer’ 2018, acrylic paint

Dwa Al Khalifa: 3 a2 Size posters

Label: 'A Trace of a Face' 2018, Digital Print

Chui Yin Iris Wong : 3 x Video, 1920 × 1080 (Duration:1', 1', 2'25“)


  • Chui Yin Iris Wong, 'Happy Cycle #1', 2018. Video. 1'
  • Chui Yin Iris Wong,'Happy Cycle #2', 2018. Video. 0'45”
  • Chui Yin Iris Wong,'Happy Cycle #5', 2018. Animation. 2'25“

Stephanie Bebbington A 30 second video with sound, Drone Experiment ” Another World“

Label: Stephanie Bebbington, Another World, 2018, Video with Sound.

Ziyan Yang : several A6 cards, on any table available.

Label: 'What you forgot Let me fill it' 2018

Video work received so far, deadline Monday 10th Dec 10am

  • Pav Szymanski
  • Leah Yang
  • Linyue Kang (KK)
  • Stephanie Bebbington- We transferred
  • Janet Waring Rago
  • Alexis Rago
  • Friederike Sophie Hoberg
  • Michelle Wright
  • Taiyo Huang
  • Matt Fratson
  • Robin Weijers
  • Kehkashan Khalid
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