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Low Residency workshops

Friday 22 February 10.00 - 16.00

meet in the studio at 09.45 – workshops in various locations at college – start at 10.00

Sign up workshops - you can choose ONE workshop for the whole day

add your name to ONE group

1. Drawing with code - room A307 (6 places)

A beginners guide to drawing with code, using the very accessible Processing IDE. A course aimed at people who have not yet used any coding language. By the end of the day, participants will be able to understand drawing, animating and the production of generative drawing using Processing and the language of java and it's relationship with other coding languages. We will be writing code from scratch, to help the participant fully understand syntax, then hopping over to established online resources and copying whole chunks of pre written code to assemble our own complex sketches.

Requirements for this workshop:

6 places - add you name:

2. Scanner as camera - photography workshops (6 places)

Using a variety of scanners as image making devices, this workshop will explore the potential of objects and surfaces for scanning. Using both flat bed and hand held scanners, participants will creatively use the space around them in the building and explore outside to generate surprising and intriguing imagery. We plan to print some of the results at the end of the day.

6 places - add you name:

  1. Janet Waring Rago

3. sound - recording, editing, creative control - office room C135 (6 places)

Workshop exploring the recording of sound, how best to capture sound with a variety of devices. Then how to edit and create new sound with various effects, exploring ways to layer and manipulate that develop the sound in ways that can enhance your own practice. We will be using audacity, free sound editing software and we will ave some recording devices available for participants.

Requirements for this workshop:

  • if you have a laptop bring that
  • if you have a recording device or a smart phone bring that
  • install audacity -

6 places - add you name:

  1. Alexis Rago - I do not have a laptop but would like to participate, can I use a computer there? I can record. I do have a NUC but will need a screen to plug it into.
  2. betty leung
  3. Leah Yang

4. letterpress printing - letterpress room (10 places)

Letterpress is the traditional method of printing wood block letters but in this workshop you will be able to play with textures and printing surfaces. This is hands-on, experimental and messy! An opportunity to have fun, getting to know the techniques used in printing but also being creative an exploring image and mark making in a very satisfying setting.

10 places - add you name:

  1. Pav Szymanski

5. VR/AR immersive content - studio C134 - (10 places)


About this workshop

During this session, we will explore two different approaches to immersive content creation. On the first part of the workshop, with will have a quick look at Blender, an open source 3D modelling/animation software. We will review an example file containing a prebuilt scene, we will play with it and learn how to export it as a 360-degree content that will be later uploaded to youtube. On the second part of the session, we will take a look at Unity, an open source game engine where we will set up a mobile app project, import the blender scene as a 3D object, tweak it a bit and export it as a mobile app that will be tested on mobile devices.

Requirements for this workshop:


Ideally, you will bring your own laptop and your own smartphone with data transfer/charging cord, there will be some equipment available for those who do not have a laptop or a smartphone, we also recommend bringing a wheel mouse.


(You should download these in advance, and perhaps run them!)

(await further instructions)

  • Android studio - For Android smartphones
  • Xcode - For IOS smartphones

(it would be nice if you have a…)

  • YouTube account

How to prepare for this workshop:

Previous knowledge on 3D modelling and animation techniques using Blender or experience using Unity is not necessary but it could help you take your ideas further. Youtube is an excellent platform to seek basic tutorials and both programs have extensive documentation on their websites.

10 places - add you name:

  1. Stephanie Bebbington
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