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2nd year students - research discussions - January - March 2020

Maximum 2 people each week You lead a discussion about your research ideas Focus on your research paper ideas How these connect with your practice In the final term you will have to prepare a formal research presentation (a 5 minute video) as part of your 'Symposium 2' (Tuesday 26 May 2020). This term you can present your ideas and lead a discussion amongst the whole group as preparation for the symposium.


present a simplified version of your research paper show how this research is impacting your artistic practice prepare some questions for the group to consider and discuss if it is useful, you can provide some short reading material before the session You will be responsible for facilitating the discussion when it is your week to lead and also contributing to the discussion of each of the sessions, throughout the term

(you can also use this session to develop your experience in facilitating discussions for anyone who is interested in teaching and learning work in the future, I am happy to chat with anyone who wants to experiment with some ideas)

We will run these sessions both in the studio and online throughout this 5th term.


week 41 - Tuesday 7 January group discussions London and Online

week 42 - Tuesday 14 January group discussion ALL students online in Skype 13.00 - 15.00 UK time

week 43 - Tuesday 21 January group discussion ALL students online in Skype 13.00 - 15.00 UK time

week 44 - Tuesday 28 January - research discussions - London: Dannii & Taiyo - Online: Friederike

week 45 - Tuesday 4 February - research discussions - SESSION CANCELLED all the following weeks are moved back

week 46 - Tuesday 11 February - research discussions - London: Betty - Online: Alexis & Aristotle

week 47 - Low Residency

week 48 - Low Residency

week 49 - Tuesday 3 March - research discussions - London: Ben & Kelda - Online: Pav & Chris

week 50 - Tuesday 10 March - research discussions - London: Eugenia & Leah - Online: Sandra & Matt

week 51 - Tuesday 17 March - research discussions - London: Will & KK - Online: Ash

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