1 day show and performance

25 March – a quick pop-up exhibition of current work in the studio and a performance in the corridor outside.

Low Residency 2014 day 3

A remarkable element of the digital environment is the open source movement, most commonly associated with software, where everyone is free to use, copy or change the software in any way, with the source code openly shared. Open source hardware is also increasingly available and they arduino is a perfect example. A relatively inexpensive piece of hardware that creates an interface to a computer allowing the exploration of interaction. Today we had a workshop exploring this interface using pressure and infra red sensors.



Student exhibition
The evening saw the opening of an interim exhibition for all the MA students at Camberwell. More than 130 students filled the Brixton East Gallery. MA Fine Art Digital students included paintings, photography, film, animation, and installations. The interim show has been a huge learning experience particularly for those involved heavily in the organising of the show.





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