Low Residency 2015 day 8

After 2 days based at Camberwell College of Arts doing workshops day 8 was full of visits around London. First was the Stanley Kubrick archive held at London College of Communication one of the other colleges of the University of the Arts London.

Two of the archivists had pulled out some highlights from the archive to illustrate the vast range of material available. Kubrick was known for incredible depth of research a great example of which was some of the preparation for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Kubrick produced about 300 files of correspondence with a wide range of companies. He had made contact asking for their vision of what the future would be like in their industry. The files included, letters, telegrams, notes, plans and images and not only from the obvious places like IBM and NASA but also from furniture and make up companies. We also saw a few items from some of the other significant archives such as an extensive comic book archive.

Next was the White Cube Gallery, Bermondsey for the the Christan Marclay exhibition which included a live re-perfromance of a Fluxus event from 1965. A real highlight of this show was the Surround Sounds installation of 4 silent synchronised projected animations.

We finished the day at the Whitechapel Gallery and specifically their exhibition, Adventures of the Black Square. This was an impressive presentation of significant work through the history of abstract art with a focus on the social and political context and impact of the work. The ground floor was full of inspiring and challenging work that still seemed revolutionary even with the passage of time. The second floor felt bit more confused although there was some work that pushed the national boundaries of the usual western European and North American sources, showing work from Iran, Mexico and China amongst others.

Low Residency 2015 day 5

Following last year’s highly successful tour of galleries in Hackney, this year we visited Deptford an area of south east London very close to Camberwell College of Arts which is full of intriguing art spaces. South London Art Map lead the tour starting at Bearspace Gallery.

There were several spaces in the enclave projects development:
news of the world gallery:

Divus London – the UK base of a Czech publisher, with a gallery/reading room:

lubomirov easton was installing a show with a rolling call for limited edition artworks – currently more than 100!

Next we walked past the now empty Faircharm Estate which was previously a centre for a wide variety of creative activity but now earmarked for demolition and new buildings.

APT Gallery‘s huge space was next:

Number 57 is housed in an old chemist and they have kept the beautiful old sign:

Next was Lewisham Art House and an amazing exhibition by children from the local Myatt Garden Primary School. An obviously incredible teacher, Karen Vost, had coordinated a week long creative project inspired by a single work of art, ‘Mr and Mrs Andrews’ by Thomas Gainsborough. Some of the work was simply stunning and it was hard not to think of the Picasso quote, ‘It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.’ (Quoted in: Peter Erskine, ?Rick Mattingly (1998) Drum Perspective, p. 73):

Sadly the final gallery MMX was closed so we concluded with a group photo of those who had made it to the end of the tour:


Chila Burman exhibition

Artist Chila Burman gives a tour through her exhibition, Ghosts. Unfortunately the iPhone it was recorded on stopped recording because it was full! However the first 25 minutes was captured and gives a flavour of the generosity of Chila in giving over 2 hours of her time to reveal much about her work.

UAL Joint Chairs of Black Art and Design Paul Goodwin and Sonia Boyce Present: GHOSTS

Ghosts is a new year-long series of single work and focused displays featuring key art works from a range of British Black and Asian artists exploring ideas around technologies, subjectivities and contemporary art practice.


Carroll Fletcher Gallery delivers another great exhibition, this time Raphael Lozano-Hemmer, the Mexican-Canadian artist focusing on sound work, in the exhibition ‘Obra’. Course leader Jonathan Kearney was able to discuss the exhibition with Lozano-Hemmer on one of  the artist’s brief visits to London and then lead a guided tour round the exhibition for the Fine Art Digital students.



‘Digital Revolution’ exhibition – a critical reader

Here are some links to some wider reading in response to the ‘Digital Revolution’ exhibition at the Barbican Centre, London July to September 2014.

The various articles explore some critical responses to the exhibition and include an anonymous statement from one of the artists contributing. It is worth reading all of them to get a good overview.

Barbican’s website:
Bloomberg Space has a large installation that is also part of this exhibition:
More of a description of the exhibition with some thoughts added:

These next links cover a range of issues in response to the exhibition and Google’s involvement:

Google is breeding the young minds of the next generation of artists:
An open letter to Larry & Sergey:
Artists virtually gatecrash Google’s DevArt Barbican exhibit:
Hack the Art World: the dissident techies tackling Google
DevArt: Google’s powerful new move to arts patronage:
Digital Revolution, Barbican Centre, review: ‘gimmicky’:
an anonymous statement from one of the artists involved giving their perspective:

Below is a link to a ‘flipboard’ which collects together all the readings. Flipboard is designed for mobile devices but you can also read them on a desktop computer. It gives a brief introduction to the article, click on each article to read the full thing.

Summer Show pictures

Pictures from the MA Final Show, a video is being edited and will uploaded very soon.
Read more about their work on the 2014 show website

The 1st year students had an interim exhibition at the same time:

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Chelsea Salon – Cons Project building

2 students, Russell Miller and Xavi Sole Mora were selected to join this event in Peckham. Russell showed and video projection developing his ideas around redacted comics and Xavi showed an animation of world and financial leaders faces laser etched onto slices of ham which were photographed as they decayed.


Low Residency 2014 day 10

Final day and still a lot to pack in…
• Hannah Clements from Student Employability and Enterprise presented about funding options for students
• an experimental group tutorial/peer assessment/self reflection exercise
• visit to the Whitechapel Gallery
• evening visit to The White Building and a talk by Jamie Sholvin about the making of his elaborate hoax/real 1970s exploitation film Hiker Meat

This whole Low Residency was a first in more ways than one, it has exhausting and exciting . We now need to reflect, evaluate and get feedback on how it went and how to improve it for the future. However the initial feeling is that it has been the rich, diverse and challenging learning experience that was envisioned, thanks to all the people who have contributed and particular thanks to the students for engaging so energetically!

(If you are reading this and like the sound of it do get in touch about the course, we run regular open days at Camberwell and new this year are hundreds of extra bursaries.)

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