Low Residency 2014 day 4

Visit to Art14art14

‘We strongly believe in the need to create a dedicated platform for art from across all corners of the globe, in dialogue with each other and the visitor, to ensure an experience of the very best of modern and contemporary art for a broad audience.’ Grand beliefs from the opening paragraph of the Art14 London catalogue.

It seems that many artists have a love hate relationship with art fairs and often gallerists view them as a necessary evil. Art14 is like any other art fair, temporary wooden booths create the illusion of white cube gallery spaces, just don’t look to closely at the construction standard. However this art fair does have a very wide range of countries represented and with half our students based online it was fascinating to see galleries from most of the countries MA Fine Art Digital students come from, including Athr Gallery in Saudi Arabia.

Black Ship from New York were showing Cristina de Middel’s project ‘Party’ where she adapted an English translation of Mao ZeDong’s Little Red Book. This project stirred significant debate amongst the students with some questioning the outsider’s critical view and whether it is possible to take an objective position.

We finished the day at Jerwood Visual Arts space for a South London Art Map last Friday late opening. They were screening  ‘Surfaces of Exchange’ a film by Emma Charles which explored the hidden structures of a city and the vast networks that gives physical form to the internet. At one point, after several minutes of panning shots of vast bundles of cables a computer came into view and despite the film being made in 2013, it was an ancient machine sporting the latest in storage technology, a floppy drive!