Low Residency 2015 day 8

After 2 days based at Camberwell College of Arts doing workshops day 8 was full of visits around London. First was the Stanley Kubrick archive held at London College of Communication one of the other colleges of the University of the Arts London.

Two of the archivists had pulled out some highlights from the archive to illustrate the vast range of material available. Kubrick was known for incredible depth of research a great example of which was some of the preparation for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Kubrick produced about 300 files of correspondence with a wide range of companies. He had made contact asking for their vision of what the future would be like in their industry. The files included, letters, telegrams, notes, plans and images and not only from the obvious places like IBM and NASA but also from furniture and make up companies. We also saw a few items from some of the other significant archives such as an extensive comic book archive.

Next was the White Cube Gallery, Bermondsey for the the Christan Marclay exhibition which included a live re-perfromance of a Fluxus event from 1965. A real highlight of this show was the Surround Sounds installation of 4 silent synchronised projected animations.

We finished the day at the Whitechapel Gallery and specifically their exhibition, Adventures of the Black Square. This was an impressive presentation of significant work through the history of abstract art with a focus on the social and political context and impact of the work. The ground floor was full of inspiring and challenging work that still seemed revolutionary even with the passage of time. The second floor felt bit more confused although there was some work that pushed the national boundaries of the usual western European and North American sources, showing work from Iran, Mexico and China amongst others.

Low Residency 2015 day 2

Began with a visit to the V&A museum to meet Melanie Lenz the Patric Prince Curator of Digital Art and Digital Programmes Manager. Melanie made a selection from the V&As growing collection of work that comes the very broad and contested titles of ‘computer art’, ‘digital art’ or simply work that engages with the digital environment. She led us on a fascinating walk through history with some great examples of work by Roman Verostko, Mark Wilson, Ben Laposky,and many others.

We then returned to Camberwell College for a choice of seminars that crossed over the 5 different MA courses offered. Students could choose between ‘Sequential Narrative in book arts’, ‘Curatorial thinking’, ‘The exhibition is a slippery thing’ or ‘Investigating narrative in illustration’.

The day ended with a meal for everyone at course leader Jonathan’s home, lots of good food, including a sprout couscous that even those who hated sprouts actually enjoyed!