Low Residency 2017 – day 3

A tough choice for some. There were 5 workshops available on this day with many wanting to do more than 1 option. However each workshop was planned for a whole day and needed the time to push the ideas and experiences.

The 5 options were; projection mapping, experimental black & white photograms, virtual reality & hololens, experimental letterpress textures and exploring raspberry pi .

In the evening 3 students who graduated last year, Manuel, Trystan & Jack and a current 2nd year student Celine, delivered an alternative and experimental workshop which challenged participants to hand over their laptop or smart phone for 5 minutes. Everyone was able to search for offline content for 5 minutes on each device and save to a shared drive. After a 40 minute period of creating we all made something of the content we had saved. This was watched once and then everything was deleted. This opened up lots of debate and discussion about the nature of these deeply personal devices and the effect of searching through each others’ content.

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