Low Residency 2017 – day 10

The final day was spent exploring some practical issues related to artistic practice and ways to address challenges.

Firstly Hannah Breslin, artist and Student Employability Practitioner at University of the Arts London ran 2 sessions looking at successful application writing for artists and what a good artist CV/Resumé looks like. After many years of applying for funding and competitions, Hannah was able to share insightful and valuable advice.

We concluded the Low Residency with an adaption of an experimental group tutorial structure that Jonathan first introduced last year. Through a guided series of steps over about 2 hours, groups of 3 students considered areas in their practice that were a problem, a challenge or not working. After sharing this in their group of 3 the other 2 group members had to simply ask open questions and not give any advice or direction. This encouraged the one sharing to listen to themselves for advice and insight. Hard to describe in this written format, it was much better to experience the session. One participant said the structure asked of generosity and understanding from those listening, rather than critique and judgement’ and that it effected (positively) both the person questioned and the questionee/s simultaneously’.

We concluded the intense but highly enjoyable 10 days with pizza in a nearby Italian restaurant.

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