Low Residency 2015 day 4

saw a continuation of the letterpress workshop with students asked to bring in anything with a texture. These were used as source material for more experiments.

(Here is a short film made by former Camberwell students in the letterpress facility.)


The morning and afternoon saw more 1–to–1 tutorials. Organising 30 tutorials – delivered by 4 different tutors, across 2 days, fitted around the letterpress workshops, mostly in London but with some online for those unable to attend in person – proved to be a planning challenge (admittedly not much of a challenge for a skilled administrator but certainly one for an artist, as in the course leader!) This picture reveals a little of the process!

Friday evening was a talk organised by Isaac Julien, University of the Arts London, Chair of Global Art. It was billed as ‘Isaac Julien presents: Jean Fisher in conversation with Mark Nash’ looking at issues of ‘indigeneity’ and global post-colonial art. However, despite the presentation of some fascinating material and the promise of an indepth debate the event never lived up to that promise and seemed to drift with some abstruse language and unrealised potential. Nevertheless the event generated significant discussion afterwards amongst the students and continued on to the following day…

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