‘Digital Revolution’ exhibition – a critical reader

Here are some links to some wider reading in response to the ‘Digital Revolution’ exhibition at the Barbican Centre, London July to September 2014.

The various articles explore some critical responses to the exhibition and include an anonymous statement from one of the artists contributing. It is worth reading all of them to get a good overview.

Barbican’s website:
Bloomberg Space has a large installation that is also part of this exhibition:
More of a description of the exhibition with some thoughts added:

These next links cover a range of issues in response to the exhibition and Google’s involvement:

Google is breeding the young minds of the next generation of artists:
An open letter to Larry & Sergey:
Artists virtually gatecrash Google’s DevArt Barbican exhibit:
Hack the Art World: the dissident techies tackling Google
DevArt: Google’s powerful new move to arts patronage:
Digital Revolution, Barbican Centre, review: ‘gimmicky’:
an anonymous statement from one of the artists involved giving their perspective:

Below is a link to a ‘flipboard’ which collects together all the readings. Flipboard is designed for mobile devices but you can also read them on a desktop computer. It gives a brief introduction to the article, click on each article to read the full thing.

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