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New Students' Introductions

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Half the students on this course are based in London and half are online so are based anywhere in the world, this page helps to get to know each student.

2018-2020 students

Add you name and a short statement that introduces you to the rest of the students on the course below this heading…

Friederike Hoberg (Online)

I grew up in West Berlin. It was like living on a small island that was occupied by the British, American and French armies, in the middle of a communist ocean. A part of a city with its own rules and rights where people were anti-fascist, but also anti-communist, against war in general and against nuclear energy, for everything organic and for cultural diversity. After the fall of the wall I spend a lot of time in the squats that arose everywhere in the former East Berlin. Galleries were open to everyone, with sculpture gardens created in common and artistic works of any type popped up in these large abandoned areas: film, video, installation, painting, sculpture, dance and theater. It was an artistic exchange with no barriers, no notion of class difference or background. This was accompanied by a thriving electronic music scene that occupied the old cellars and bunkers or the streets with, for example, the 'Love Parade' or the 'Carnival of Cultures', where different cultures of the world parade with their music, their dances and colorful costumes. I was young and my family wanted me to do a real career and art was not so much part of that, so I studied international business worked with architecture and real estate and traveled extensively over the world to fulfill one part of my dreams and passions, but the love to do art never left me. So I continued to practice with whatever material was convenient. More photography on my travels, paintings and then larger scale glass mobiles and sculptures for architectural projects.

In my art practice I have been drawn towards identity and how people form or reflect on their own identity. I see identity as a fluid state, everything passing from one form into another. Relating to time, it is the moment that I consider the formative part in life, the hour, the day, without overemphasizing on any particular one too much. It’s not so much the big visible things, but the little valued or unvalued and unrecognised parts of our character, our social format, time and being that make up the bigger part in life. I am also interested in how we look at people or objects with pre-conceptions and how we convey universal messages with images through this bias. Living in Paris and being confronted with mass tourism, one quickly gets confronted with the superficiality but also efficiency a simple image can procure and globally serves all of its main purposes. The double soil behind every claim or description that manifests itself in the imagination, there is always something else behind it. That second look interests me in all fields, the questioning of the one truth, instead allowing multiple truth’ and path’ to exist at the same time and the intriguing mixture of myth and reality.

You can visit my website :, which was created for a participative art project.

Aristotle Roufanis (online)

Born and raised in Greece, I've originally studied Civil Engineering at City University, London. Devoted a good 12 years of my life into trying to force and artful approach into construction before realising this was never going to make me happy professionally. Switched careers to become a full time visual artist in 2017 and although it can be very hard sometimes, I can't even imagine going back to my previous life.

I've spent the most part of my adult life in London, but I recently moved back to Greece as starting a family and a new career can be a struggle cost-wise in London. Still living there mentally though and secretely hope to go back.

I have been mainly working through photography but I am very eager to expand into the new digital mediums, like VR/AR, projection mapping installations etc.

I am really looking forward to spending time with fellow artists on a weekly basis and exchanging thoughts. Also very jealous of the people who get to do this course in the old fashioned, physical way. Instagram:

Irina Bourmistrova (0nline )

I grew up in the Soviet Union on the other side of the so-called Iron Curtain. I had left Moscow at the beginning of Perestroika and from 1989 I have lived in the West. I am an independent curator, based in Dubai and London. I hold a degree in Art History from Moscow State University, an MA in Art Business and a Diploma in Curating Contemporary art (from Sotheby's Institute of Art in London and New York respectively).

As the Curatorial Director of Andak gallery in Dubai, through my exhibition-making I investigated different aspects of national identity building in the post-Soviet states of Central Asia.

Recently I have opened my own gallery space in Deptford, London. Seager gallery’s programme will be to represent digital artists with a focus on projects involving science and technology or driven by ecological concerns. As a gallerist and as a curator I am keen to enquire into the relationship between art and digital technology. How does digital art exist within the canon of art history? What is the future of the gallery in the digital age? Do galleries become ‘digital platforms’ or could they become obsolete if people don’t physically visit them? What form does gallery organisation take? What skills are required to run such a gallery? I am interested to develop my knowledge of contemporary art production - how artists are funding their artwork and making artworks. I am interested to reinforce my technical knowledge through creative projects.

Video for Symposium 16.10.2018 @


Christopher Tayah (online)

Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon and currently living in Vancouver, BC.

With an academic background in Psychology, I intend to expand the ways in which we perceive the human experience, through Art. By revealing the inconsistencies of my own personal narrative, I’m hoping to generate a space of empathic connection, where conversations are held where the words don’t meet. My practice aims to shine light on those errors, the ruptures in the algorithmic everyday life; perhaps when exposing the ways in which the mind wanders and lingers – on our histories and drives – can we truly begin understanding the self as a communal entity. It seems as though our one shared engagement is that of love, and only within love can we accomplish an uncensored understanding of one another.

Michelle Wright (online)

Born in Scotland, Brought up in North Wales. I moved back to Scotland in my late teens and lived there for 25 years. Currently living back in North Wales but would dearly love to be back in Scotland again. When I’m creating art, I look at newsworthy events from the past that have a social or political aspect to them that still relates to issues we continue experience/see in the modern world today. My process tends to begin with some collage – this helps me to formulate ideas and make sense of my thinking. I then mostly work with photography and video with the hope that I produce something that has some form of a narrative relating to the theme in question. When I’m not creating art, I work as a Technical Writer creating help files and other documentation for computer software.

Alexis Rago (online)

I live and work in a small village in rural England; a quiet place which gives me space to think and do. I live with my fellow artist Janet Waring Rago who you might notice, is a second-year student on this course. We have a grown-up son.

I work in a variety of mediums which often results in installations including: sound, sculpture, video, and photography, amongst other means. I search a common ground for these ecologies and am driven by a sense of continuity with the deep past which is as much a speculation, as that of future worlds. This feeling of timelessness is grounded in the materials I use and my own corporeality; aware that the path towards an, as of yet unknown inevitability, is strewn with contingencies and unpredictability.

Symposium 1 video at:

Axash (online)

Dream job is penguin keeper; ideal studio space is micro-safe. I am a pseudo-artist but I have been struggling with my life artistically. Good listener, bad speaker.

Although studied traditional painting before, I am totally a computer buff. My practice incorporates drawing, painting, illustration, conceptual design, comics, light art, modelling and photography. During my BA course, I researched the interplay between high and low culture, taste, Japanese popular culture and comparative mythology. In the future research, I would like to focus my study on vaporwave aesthetics. I am also keen on economics, philosophy, psychology and anime. I plan to run my own studio soon. Welcome to pop in for a chat and look forward to meeting everyone in the course.

ax.ash = ash of the ash (self-affinity) (sometimes confused about people’s names, feel free to say hi ~) Personal website:

Pav Szymanski (online)

Current research issue - Uncertainties of Tomorrow

Through my projects I feel that I discover my inner fears, longings and re-evaluate my uncertainties. My work seems to be an attempt to explore and question by metaphorical presentation my response to the hidden truths of the world. The essence of the value of these works is in their inherent meaning and an atmosphere, which manifests itself in the dusk of the space portrayed, thus the light may appear, where the hue of colour fulfils clarity and sounds with harmonious melody.

Kelda Storm (London)

Imagine the offset printing on a two-colour book cover, the lo-fi adverts in the back of old magazines, the DIY aesthetics of street-art, some mid-century design, a slightly politicised attitude and a love of popular culture…

Somewhere in that, you’ll find the basis of much of my work.

Recently I have started experimenting with street art, social media and collaborative practices. I look forward to exploring these further alongside developing my existing individual practice during on the MA at Camberwell.

Matt Fratson (online)

I live and work in Hull and the surrounding area, with my wife and greyhound by my side. My wife Emily is also an artist, currently focused on ceramics and anthropological research, and we share many threads of curiosity in common. The local landscape, and my wife's native landscape of the Mississippi Delta, share many surprising similarities, and landscape in terms of both psychogeography and geology is occupying my mind a lot right now. Hull is of course situated on the River Humber, and the 'waterland' that my ancestors have farmed on for generations is working it's way back into the forefront of my memory. The gaps in those memories are the parts I'm maybe the most interested in…

My practice is fairly interdisciplinary though this is something I am keen to develop. Primarily I utilise printmaking, often in it's broadest sense or pushing the notion of what could be considered print, to spark poetic associations between subjects. Very broad influences in this regard probably include Werner Herzog and William Burroughs. Subjects such as museology and the agenda of the museum as a voice and authority, and recently curious developments in relationships between geological change and migration politics, have become threads of my practice. The digital plays a huge role in my work in terms of design and retrieval of information, as well as drawing, but I feel I can extend my knowledge of new digital technologies so much further, and this is one of my overall objectives, to explore entirely new ground, and question the nature of making in the digital age much moreso than I have to date. I am hugely excited about undertaking this course and can't wait to get to know you all.

My website is pretty minimal to say the least right now but soon there should be some work on there!

Instagram: mattfratson FB: mattfratsonart

. Lauren Cannell (London)

Hello! Very excited to get to know you all! I do painting and would like to explore Video.

Linyue Kang (London)

I come from China. I'm an introvert person and a little bit social anxiety. maybe sometimes I talk less, but I'll be opening after we get along for a few days :D. During the four-year undergraduate learning process, I contacted video, photography and design. I found that I'm really interested in video. That's a main reason why I choose this major. I hope it can bring me much more possibilities and challenges.

Betty Leung (London)

Hello everyone, I’m Betty and its taken me a long time to get here. I’ve worked in the banking industry since graduating, I was a business manager/glorified PA and only after 5 resignations in 4 different companies, did I realise that the thought of staying in the industry was unbearable. I finally made the wholesale change and did a foundation course at City and Guilds last year. I am interested in human progress. How we have evolved as a species and more so, how we can develop not just technologically but socially. Some of the questions I ask are “What would happen if there was a big reset of wealth?” “What are the wider ramifications and long-term impact of our siloed digital existence?” I would like to play and experiment with a range of media – sculpture, installation and video, over the next two years.

Eugenia Shishkina (London)

Originally from Moscow, Russia. 2 years ago I have graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BA in Fine Art. Video+sound has always been my main medium, however I have also done quite a bit of set design over the last couple of years. My current practice and research is based around anthropology and mythology in relation to the contemporary human identity.

Arthur Goldberg (London)

Hi, I make video and sound sketches drawn from everyday life, sometimes with real-time/ interactive elements. During my time here I am hoping to develop more sensory evocative work and maybe experimenting with the use of language and narrative in my work which I haven't done much of before…

Mengyao Huang (London)

Hi, I studied graphic design in BA and I worked as a graphic designer in China. I have a passion on New media art, so I begin to try and explore the different possibilities. My work mainly involves the mixture of various materials, including the combination of drawings and projection, mixed material installation, etc.. I have tried to blur the boundary of the reality and fantasy. In next two years I look forward to using interactive elements in my work.

Jingxian Yang (London)

Hey, very excited to see you all. I'm Leah, independent artist lived and worked in Beijing before. I used to do some installations and videos. Now I am trying to do some interactive programs(I'm not quite sure actually…). I am very interested in changing rules in game(some old games, video games, competitions,etc..), and exploring the collection between art and game. Recently, I have been thinking about experience. This might be a new project I will do in the next two years.

2017-19 students

John Cierach ( London Based )

Im married with 10 year old boy and girl twins and 2 grown up step sons. I did a “sensible” business degree in Manchester 35+ years ago and have been at the more creative and entrepreneurial end of business ever since. I established a food manufacturing and distribution business and i am still involved in property, where i find some creative outlet designing space with architects. I am interested in all forms of design and spatial planning and I'm keen to explore place creation, with a particular interest in sound and light sculptures, projection mapping and experiential art. I know very little about these subjects as my main interest to date has been in sculpting from clay and wax, i love working with my hands. I spent some time at The Sculpture Accademy developing my modelling skills and playing with many other materials all of which i have found great fun and very rewarding. –

Justin-Lee David Vervin (London based)

I'm a visual artist from London who has always gravitates towards moving imagine. Currently opening my ears to sound and how I can use sound as visual and a conceptual artist. –

Lam Chi Yan Vivian (online)

Hi all, this is Vi, a graphic and interior designer from Hong Kong. I graduated form the Polytechnic University majoring Visual communication, did branding and graphic design for two years then shifted to interior design afterwards, mainly focusing on commercial bar & restaurant design. I like to sketch ideas, draw animals especially my cats, explore within pencils collages and watercolours. Some video collage work here: gosssip1 gosssip2 Here is a short introduction of myself:

Also, feel free to have a look at my webpage ;)

Vanessa Gould (London based)

Hi, a little bit about myself. I graduated from LCC where I studied PG Cert of Visual Communication. Previously, to this I studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at VCA in Melbourne. I am from Melbourne, Australia and have been living here in London since 2008. My recent artworks have been based on homelessness, perception of reality, gentrification and gender.

Throughout my masters I want to tell a narrative through my paintings and be able to connect this to social issues. I would like to continue to paint but also be able to explore different medium to push my practice further and see where it ends up.

Gabriella Martinez (London based)

Heeeey, I am from Gibraltar but currently living in London! I did my BA in Photography and I have come straight into my MA, I feel like my research hasn't ended within my topics of interest. Within my work I attempt to comprehend how we hold onto personal memories by capturing them photographically and through narrative conversations I have with my subjects. My current research and project focused on loss, and loneliness, loss I believe it is an emotion we are taught to deal and power through, rather than appreciate and nurture in its very honest beauty. In photographing the spaces formerly occupied by people who have passed, I attempt to extract the emptiness and void associated with loss. Favouring modern photographic methods over the nostalgic film photography has given me the opportunity to create a tension between the old and the new, the grief and the new beginning. Similarly the use of mostly natural light and occasionally domestic lamps has given my work the added dimension of the lurking shadows within the domestic spaces I have photographed.

I feel our social media driven world has created a new, less authentic expression of emotion through emojis and perhaps fabricated status updates and social media personas. My work intends to return to the spaces that often define us with the most authenticity - our personal living space - and express the most raw emotion shared by us all at various points in our lives. My art has allowed me to deal and come to terms with losses in my life.

Who needs a therapist when they have art!? Check out my work here

Lyu Wen (London based)

Hi everyone, I'm from China and I have been doing video art these recent 4 years, I also like photography, film and literature, anything related to art can light me up. :) My MA blog -

Nadine Theuma (online)

I am an artist and designer from Malta. My work is bold and minimalistic and encompasses typography, comics and alternative realities. I work from my studio together with my side-kick Georgie, a cockapoo and spend my time flitting between commercial work and personal projects.My last exhibition was called Two Heads and A City and was supported by the Arts Council Malta and V18. The exhibition intended to highlight that which forms our unique identity as Maltese inspite of the increasing assimilation of other influences brought on by the Europeanisation and globalisation of cultures and nations as communities become less isolated and more visible to each other. I am currently working on another solo exhibition called ‘The Catholic Itch’ which deals with the Maltese bi-polar attitude towards religion, ritual and modern anxieties.

Working in a small country like Malta and especially working alone in my studio can be insular so I am hoping this course will allow me to network, exhibit and critique my work with other students and lecturers from around the world.

Follow my tumblr - Follow my MA blog -

Dwa Al Khalifa (online)

Hey everyone, I'm Dwa Al Khalifa from the Kingdom of Bahrain. I started sketching during my high school years and noticed that I would always sketch topics such as childhood imagination, portraying everyday scenes in a more ‘fairytale’ like scenario and attempting to stir up feelings of imagination and inspiration to whoever views the artwork. This developed during college as although I completed a business degree I continued producing artworks and even started a business where my artwork was printed on bags, notebooks, and canvases among other materials. All the while, my artwork circled around the themes of hope, imagination and the “inner child”. I believe that as we grow older we are taught as a society to suppress this inner child and creativity and wild imagination we had as children, I attempt through my artwork to grasp on to that imagination and feelings of hope and belief that otherwise would be discarded or suppressed. The desire to hold on to hope and to continue to be imaginative and creative as well as curious is I believe instilled in each one of us and the exploration of how this is maintained or diminished is very much of great interest to me. I also play football for the Bahrain Women's National Team and own a toystore. Follow my blog and MA journey at

Kehkashan Khalid (online)

Hi everyone! I've always been interested in story telling, but in 2014 I rediscovered this passion through art. Ever since, I have dedicated myself to growing as an artist, fostering creativity in the children around me, and helping others tell their stories through the projects I have initiated. Now, enrolled in this MA program I want to build on my community projects and my work as an artist. My community projects are all about reaching out to women and children and inspiring their creativity, while my art focuses on maneuvering choices of color, media and objects in a space to illustrate the ‘slice of life’ story of an absent protagonist. The rest of my website is still in the works, but you guys can follow my MA blog here:

Charlotte Appleyard (online)

Hi all! I'm Charlotte Lesley, but I more commonly go by Charlie. I am the baby of the group (24, about to turn 25!), currently in my second year of being a pastoral tutor in the North East of England. I graduated in 2015 with my Bachelors degree in Textiles and Surface Design, before moving on to train as an Art and Textiles teacher. I have ambitions of one day being able to teach in my field, hopefully continuing to stay in Further Education, or progressing into Higher. Somewhere during my teacher training, I lost passion for using textiles as a way to create my own pieces of work. Shortly after graduating, I purchased my first graphics tablet where I have began to expand my portfolio in digital and graphic design. I have an obsession with Urbex exploring, and will be basing a great deal of my Masters work on a concept around abandoned spaces. Like Ben, I have a few bad tattoos and my wardrobe is 99% black, and my Spotify consists of mainly 90's/00's Punk Pop nostalgia - which basically sums me up!

Janet Waring Rago (online)

My studio is in the UK East Midlands, near to Lincoln. I lived formerly in Florence Italy, where I first studied and practiced painting, living there for about a decade, having previously obtained a degree in botany. I live with my fellow artist husband and we have a grown up son. Over many years, I have come to understand my painting as a cultivation of the Negative Capability embodied by the medium and the supporting surface, developing a studio-based practice which attempts to articulate this. CV.I am particularly interested in how processes such as homeostasis and Brownian motion might be embedded in painting, to manifest as an open question concerning a commons. For me, a painting’s potential is defined by that which it does not possess; it stands as a reflection of the inherent lack of certainty that characterizes our lives. A painting does not need to be clever – things can never really be fully worked out – it exists in uncertainty. Dealing with the physical and historical stratifications inherent in working with the oil medium, is like a mining, with all its implications.As a painter I would like to contribute to the MA Fine Art (Digital) research project at UAL Camberwell, that’s exploring and defining what art is in the digital age.Portfolio

Ben Sullivan (online)

Hello there! My name is Ben, and I'm a creative practitioner from the south west of England, studying online. I’m a former college rock band frontman with a few bad tattoos. I then moved into a degree in Photography, got to the end of it and realised I hated photography, before retraining as an art teacher. I now work in an art college, teaching some traditional art programs, and also working with young people who are outside main education, alongside freelance graphic design. I make a lot of work using corrupted imagery and scanning, and curating them into a narrative, often alongside text or music. More recently I've become interested in how humans can interact with digital files in a tactile manner. My ongoing project has been utilising 3D scanning to create portraiture, along with loads of bright colours and print mixing. I'm also a former competitive poker player. Other than that I really like 90s video games, vintage sci-fi, plants and I wear way too much black clothing. -

Robin Weijers (online)

Hi everyone! My name is Robin, living and working in The Netherlands and just started the Master Fine Art Digital online/part-time. As visual artist I create experimental films, video installations and site-specific works. Originally I graduated as Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Soon after university I realised that I am a creative maker of physical works that could communicate in new way. I became an expert in domino toppling and used chain reactions as a communication tool. As creative entrepreneur I herewith successfully made television shows, commercial productions, team buildings and workshops for about 20 years. However, my philosophical nature was always searching for a more personal storytelling. So in 2011 I became a full-time artist. Perception of time, movement and being have always been my core interests. My main subject for this master concerns the spatial and time-based potential of video installations under the working title ‘Projections Into The Unknown’. You can find more at my MA-blog and on my website am really looking forward getting acquainted with you and your works and processes and hopefully meeting you during the low-residency periods. Enjoy your time, cheers! –

Arlette (London based)

Paris-born French/Syrian woman/artist, married with one child. I have been living in London for about 5 years now. I know a bit about advertising, public relations, acting, writing, making movies, cooking, and being a mum (only for babies until the age of 2. After that I'm clueless). I mostly do oil painting but I also use drawings and photos. I question identity through art. I want to improve my video and photography skills. There's so much to do in so little time.Oh and this:

Steph Bebbington (online)

Hi, everyone. Nice to meet you all ! My name is Steph, I am based in the UK. I am a UAL Postgraduate student 2017-2019 (1st year). I have previously studied at the University of Bedfordshire-PGCE (2015 graduate) and the University of Northampton- Fine Art BA (2013 graduate) . I am working full time in an FE college as an Art and Design Lecturer teaching Graphic Design, Art and Design and Photography. My aim is to undertake my MA and then eventually progress onto my PHD and work as a university professor, alongside get engaged in my practice exhibiting/ selling works. I find that it is easy to lose yourself when teaching and now it is my time to get my practice back and get engaged. My work blends between film photography and printmaking and is incorporated together with the use of digital technologies. I look into visual language within arts questioning the viewers interpretation through intertextual relations. I am interested to see what the year brings and the challenges ahead. I look forward to seeing your work and developments over the year.

Wong Chui Yin (Iris) (London based)

Hi! I come from Hong Kong and just graduated from my BAS - New Media in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. I’m recently focus on interactive installation works and want to develop further. Besides, I will also do painting or Chinese paper-cutting.

I am happy to be a part of this course and looking forward to meeting everyone :) –

Paola Pinna (London based)

Hi everyone, I'm a recent BA graduate from camberwell in Illustration. I'm from Sardinia (Italy) but I have been living and working in London since 2013.Despite my degree in illustration, I've always wanted to be a fine artist, so that's why I'm here!I think every artist or practitioner nowadays can't deny the massive impact that technology & the digital are having in our contemporaneity and in the arts. That's why I believe this course will help raise my awareness and my understanding of contemporary practice.Looking forward to see what everyone else has been doing. –

Kat Outten (London)

Hey! I'm Kat and I've just graduated from BA Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts this summer! I realised that graphic design was not the path for me; now I hope to push my practice further and develop a context and depth to my work that I lacked on my BA, as I will have more time to devote to research and development, rather than being absolutely focused on the final outcome. The themes I wish to explore in the next two years include rape culture, death, and mental health, as these are topics that have greatly impacted my life. What is my role as an artist, regarding these themes, and how can art be used to create positive change? Does my art need a higher purpose, or can it be purely therapeutic? These are two questions I hope to answer in the next two years. If anyone has any games design experience please get in touch as I want to make a video game focused on Rape Culture!

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