This MA is unique in offering to opportunity to study online or in London. It is delivered over 2 years in a mode called ‘Extended Full Time’ which is a hybrid of full and part time which allows great flexibility. Most students work part time alongside their study.


The Extended Full Time course is 60-weeks long and is taken over two years. It is taught in six 10-week blocks with gaps to allow students time for work experience, residencies or travel.  Teaching is typically held over 2 key days a week with one further day of general access. Students would not generally be required to come in outside of the teaching days and could possibly work part-time around their study. As a guide, this mode requires approximately 30 hours a week of study comprised of taught contact hours and independent study.

The Online option for MA Fine Art Digital is taught predominately online over two years following the same 60-week long timetable as the Extended Full Time mode. It offers a great deal of flexibility, allowing students to stay in their own country, home or studio whilst still benefiting from a dynamic, supportive and challenging learning environment. During the two years, students have the option of completing two 10 day residencies at Camberwell College of Arts. These usually take place at the end of February/early March in the 1st and 2nd year. The residencies will include workshops, visits, discussions, lectures and access to our extensive facilities for the making and exhibiting of work. Many online students also come to London to set up a final exhibition at the end of the 2 years.

As an example, this online mode of study may appeal to practicing artists living outside of London either in the UK or abroad seeking to put their work into an academic environment; or UK based art teachers who are well established in their work but want to develop their own creative practice; or international university teachers who need to gain a masters level qualification to continue teaching.

In-between the residency periods students engage with our online structure which has proved to be highly successful in providing a rich and rewarding learning experience.

This blend of college studio based and online modes in unique anywhere in the world. Our success in running this since 2004 is highlighted by the Independent External Examiners reports that consistently praise the outstanding quality of the structure and the delivery.

These PDF diagrams help explain the structure


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