Sadly Camberwell College of Arts has decided to close this course. 

Since 2004 this unique course has offered a fully online option with students living anywhere in the world while engaging with the studio based students in London. Even after all these years, still no one else is doing this anywhere in the world.

This unique structure of online and studio based students allowed people from incredibly diverse backgrounds to engage with significant issues through their art.

Over the past 16 years people representing more than 65 countries have been students on the course, from Australia to Peru, Canada to Saudi Arabia, India to Nigeria, Scotland to Cambodia.

There is hope that the best of this enabling structure will be resurrected in the very near future, watch this space!

This Masters course is an invitation to students to join a research project that’s exploring and defining what art is in the digital age. 
It is offered both as a studio based course in London and as a Online/Low Residency course with students spread across the globe.

“The course is really well structured, but also includes much flexibility to explore in many directions. This is both exciting and a danger for some artists. Set yourself some goals and time limits. The two years of the course goes by very quickly.”
MA Fine Art Digital student 2014

Art that crosses boundaries

This course is about accepting that we live in a digital environment. Students continue to engage with all traditional fine art disciplines, there is no attempt to narrow the options. Instead students are encouraged to explore the depth of their practice whether it is painting or coding, sculpture or film making. The digital blurs the boundaries between disciplines and provides a language for an ever widening exploration.

Being part of the wider postgraduate community at Camberwell College of Arts, with the opportunity to interact with other subjects, significantly enriches the experience for students. This helps the development of research skills and offers enhanced opportunities for career development. There is also a shared lecture programme, which draws upon the wide variety of research across the university as well as from prominent guest speakers.

‘Face-to-face’ studio based mode in London:

Based at Camberwell College of Arts which is a fantastic setting to explore art practice across a wide range of disciplines. Resources centres provide access to diverse facilities and expertise with weekly sessions in the studio creating a strong student learning community.

There are also opportunities for students to engage with projects across the university and other significant institutions. There have been projects, seminars and symposiums and curatorial work with the Victoria and Albert Museum, the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), Lumen Prize, Peckham Space, FACT Liverpool, Aspen Art Prize, South Kiosk gallery and galleries from China to Brazil. Several students have gone onto study for PhDs.

Online mode:

This award winning mode enables students to take advantage of masters study wherever they are in the world.

Just as with the studio based mode in London, online students can engage with research across the university by interacting with prominent researchers through the weekly online sessions and recorded lectures.

Many students also contribute to exhibitions and events in their own countries as well have the opportunity to come to London for Low Residency times. The diversity of both the online and studio based modes adds significantly to the richness of the course. Students have studied online from a wide variety of countries from North and South America, right across Europe, several Middle Eastern countries and South and East Asia.

University website: http://www.arts.ac.uk/camberwell/courses/postgraduate/ma-fine-art-digital/

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